A Roermond mysterie in America.

Zoals wij al vaker vertelden krijgen wij regelmatig verzoekjes binnen voor informatie.
Zo goed als we kunnen proberen wij deze verzoekjes positief te beantwoorden.
Af en toe is de vraag voor een groter publiek interressant ook de volgende E-mail en foto's die we binnen

naam:_ : Liz Falk
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onderwerp:_ : ?
Bericht : Hello -
I am researching the history of my church (St. Rose of Lima Church in Lima, New York, USA). The church is lined with 10 beautiful, larger than life-sized, statues of saints. The statues were purchased about 1898, and are attributed to come from Roermond.

I am interested in any information that you may have on the company that may have created these works of art.

Thank you!
Liz Falk
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St Anne St Dominic St John St Patric

St Rose Virgin Mary

Na een intensieve E-mail uitwisseling kwamen ook de volgende foto's binnen.

Waar dit mysterie op uit komt weten we nog niet, maar we houden U zeker op de hoogte.

Woensdag 20 maart 2002.

Op onze vraag hoe men wist dat deze beelden uit Roermond kwamen, kregen we het
volgende antwoord;

What I have telling me that the statues are from Roermond is a write up by the parish priest dated December 1898. While there is no author listed on it, It is attributed to a Father FitzSimons who was the parish priest at the time. The following are excerpts from the text.

The design of the architect has certainly been improved upon in the pilasters and Corinthian caps which relieve the sanctuary. It is almost as certain that it has been improved upon in the decorations of statuary which relieve the walls of the church. Whether such an idea ever entered into the mind of the architect who drew up the plans for decoration or not, certain that no decoration could be more appropriate and conducive to devotion while at the same time nothing could give a more magnificent relief to the plain wall lines than the beautiful statues in their finely carved balachines. The effect, both aesthetic and devotional, is excellent. When all the statues are in place, this effect will be greatly enhanced. At first it was the intention to have only ten statues in all, but so great was the demand that we were obliged to add two more to the original number, and the demand still continuing, the gallery has also been brought into requisition, which will give room for two more; and yet all who wish to donate cannot be accomodated."

(the next paragraph details who donated the statues, and who the statues where donated in the name of)

"Beautiful statues of St. Michael and the Guardian Angel arrived in due time but proved to be too large for the balachines which are uniform in size. They are consequently returned to the manufacturers. The statue of St. Stanislaus also arrived and was put in place for the Jubilee celebration, but as it was partially damaged in transportation, it was returned to the manufacturers alo, and a new one ordered in its place. The statues are manufactured in Roermond, Holland; and consequently it takes about three months from the date of order to get them in place. They are all models of elegance both in design and finish, and elicit the admiration of all who see them. The donors are entitled to great credit for these rich and handsome gifts to St. Rose's Church. Later, in all probability, be appropriate groups of statuary placed on either side of the sanctuary, and then the interior will be complete."

Er is een vermoeden dat de beelden zijn overgeschilderd.

This lady told me that one of the "old-timers" told her the statues were
colored brightly -- similiarly to the statue I've attached to this email.

By the way - what I know about THIS statue of the Sacred Heart is that it
was purchased in 1886 from "the celebrated Froc-Freres of Paris, through
their agents, Benziger Bros, New York."

So many mysteries!!! If only the walls could talk!





Donderdag 18 April 2002


Progress here is slow. The diocesan archivist is going to come to St.
Rose for Mass on Sunday. He wants to look at the statues to refresh his
memory. He is 81 years old.
The archivist hasn't found anything on St. Rose specifically yet, but he
did find a letter from the Stoltzenberg & Company to Bishop McQuaid (the
Bishop in Rochester at that time). This letter is dated 1887. I do not believe
that that is the correct time for St. Rose. However, I do know that the
Bishop had a favorite architect who did most of his churches. I wonder if
the architect had a favorite supplier of church ornaments?
It is interesting - the letter head says:
Stoltzenberg & Co.
Importers and Manufacturers of Church Ornaments, Vestments, Statues
Altars and Church Furniture of Every Description Sole Agents of F. Nicolas' Art Stained Glass
Roermond, Holland
51 & 50 Barclay Street
PO Box 1879 New York
I guess I need to find more information on either Bishop McQuaid or the
architect (his name was Warner)...
It is a mystery!